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Sexual Harassment Archives

Sexual harassment is about power and control, not lust.

Most people still think of sexual harassment as a predominately female problem. Intellectually, the majority of people probably realize that men can also be sexually harassed -- but that's not the typical scenario that pops into most people's minds when they think about the issue.

Can sexual harassment among restaurant workers be stopped?

People don't just go out to eat -- they go out to be entertained. Restaurants increasingly are billed as places to cut loose and have a good time. Does that good time include sexually harassing the waitstaff? A lot of servers say that, unfortunately, it does.

Sexual harassment is reportedly part of the job at national parks

The 413 national parks in the United States represent the great natural and historic wonders of the country. Millions of people visit them every year and experience unique attractions that are preserved and protected with pride. However, in California's Yosemite and other parks across the country, reports of sexual harassment have lawmakers in Washington, D.C. wondering if the parks' female employees are as carefully protected.

Fox News sexual harassment claim opens door for more victims

There are many reasons why people do not always come forward after being harassed at work, but the most common reason may be that they fear losing their jobs. Sexual harassment is likely to be an even more frequent occurrence than people in California realize since so many victims keep silent. This is most evident when one person goes public, inspiring others to come forward with similar accusations against the same perpetrator.

California sexual harassment cases bring training under scrutiny

Some California universities have redoubled efforts at anti-harassment training following recent scandals. New studies show, however, that mandated training is not effective in preventing sexual misconduct, and that it seems to protect the business but not the employees. While employers often respond to complaints of sexual harassment with more training, evidence suggests that these courses do not change behaviors.

Night-shift cleaners in California fight sexual harassment

Working alone at night may make anyone vulnerable to many hazards. One group of people who often work alone are night-shift janitors. A woman janitor working alone at night may also have to fear sexual harassment or assault as well as other dangers. A group of women in California is working for more protection for women janitors on the night shift.

HBO film highlights Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill

For all you HBO subscribers out there, and even for those who aren't, you likely have seen ads for the movie "Confirmation" which chronicles the 1991 U.S. Supreme Court nomination -- and subsequent sexual harassment controversy -- of Clarence Thomas. Before he eventually became a Supreme Court Justice, Thomas worked at the Equal Employment Opportunity Center (EEOC).


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