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Wells Fargo now faces wrongful termination claims

Wells Fargo & Co. has had its share of troubles recently. Banking authorities are investigating illegal practices that employees were apparently instructed to follow, and the massive financial institution has already been issued millions of dollars in fines. Bank executives are expected to face congressional committees who are investigating the fraud allegedly perpetrated on bank customers. Meanwhile, Wells Fargo is also dealing with new accusations as hundreds of its California employees file suit for wrongful termination.

Employers know ways to avoid wrongful termination accusations

Many employers in California act with integrity when it comes to hiring and firing workers. However, there are some who may abuse the system to protect themselves from wrongful termination claims. While claiming to work within the law, some managers may be building their defense against a lawsuit long before they actually terminate an employee.

California wrongful termination investigation leads to fines

The loss of a job can be devastating for a California worker and his or her family. Often there are signs that layoffs are impending or that one's job performance is in question, but sometimes the termination comes without warning leaving no time to prepare. When it is a case of wrongful termination, it is even more frustrating.

Does my firing qualify as wrongful termination?

When you are fired from a job, it is easy to immediately think that somehow, someway your employer terminated you without just cause. On the one hand, you may be right. There are many ways that a company can open itself up to liability when they fire an employee. On the other hand, you may not be right. Many employees want to think they were wrongfully terminated, but in the end there is no evidence to support such a claim.

"He said, (s)he said" evidence good enough to get discrimination cases to trial

Many people who suspect they have been wrongfully terminated think they need "smoking gun" evidence to even have a chance in court. Not so, says a recent California appellate court case. 


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