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California's lone female sheriff accused of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is often thought of as a woman's problem -- especially today, when many women are stepping forward with allegations of sexual harassment in various industries going back decades. However, the latest accusations of sexual harassment to hit the news involve men who say they were harassed by the state's first -- and only -- female sheriff.

The string of accusations started with a letter. In it, a corrections officer claimed that the woman who is now a sheriff was his supervisor in 1994. He claimed she harassed him repeatedly, while he kept silent out of fear.

Do women suffer more age discrimination then men?

If you're a woman of "a certain age," you're no doubt aware that there's a societal double standard when it comes to age and gender. Men get older and are seen as distinguished-looking and seem wise. Women just get older.

It doesn't matter what industry you're in -- although some professions, like acting, suffer from the issue worse than others. Age is an inescapable fact for everyone -- but women seem to suffer significantly more discrimination than men in the workplace over it.

What accommodations are reasonable during and after pregnancy?

If you're pregnant, do you know your rights at work? What should you expect your employer to do (or not do)?

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (among other things) requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant women and new mothers. However, there are some guidelines that have to be followed to avoid problems. These are some important facts that employees need to know:

Don't underestimate the number of men who are sexually harassed

The #MeToo movement has reinvigorated the discussion about sexual harassment. It's in the forefront of the American consciousness perhaps like never before.

But there are still a significant number of largely invisible victims out there: men.

California firefighter files layered discrimination suit

A firefighter is suing Cal Fire because he claims that he was discriminated against both for his sexual orientation and his disability. The 38-year-old man says that the discrimination nearly drove him to suicide.

This comes on the heels of an internal investigation into one Cal Fire supervisor whose behavior was so unprofessional and extreme that it caused several firefighters to experience physical illness from stress. The department is also feeling the effects of a scandal at the firefighter academy and elsewhere and the subsequent development of a office of professional standards. The standards office is now charged with teaching employees how to conduct themselves properly.

What can you do to stop workplace sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment at work is actually everyone's problem -- not just management's and not just the victim's. When someone's being victimized, it can make the atmosphere at work toxic for all.

What, however, are you supposed to do about it?

Racial discrimination and the job application process

What's it like applying for a job when you aren't a white male?

It depends. First you have to get to an interview -- but that is far less likely to happen if you happen to have a name that doesn't "sound" white.

Sexual harassment is everyone's workplace problem

Sexual harassment has been in the news almost daily as of late, due to what seems like a ceaseless array of allegations coming out of Hollywood and the "Me Too" movement gaining force.

More than ever, people are starting to realize that sexual harassment in the workplace isn't just a woman's problem. It isn't even just the problem of the victims who've suffered actual harassment. It's a problem for everyone in the workplace, even you.


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