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As an attorney focused exclusively on employment law, my mission at Nelson Law Group is to help clients solve their workplace problems, quickly and efficiently

Focused Exclusively On Employment Law Services For Over 20 Years

I am attorney Robert Nelson with Nelson Law Group. Since 2002, I have spent my professional career representing clients in complex employment matters.

I have extensive experience representing both employers and employees alike, which is rare. I know how both sides in employment disputes think and I use this knowledge to represent my clients more effectively. I take a progressive approach to employment law, meaning I first try to resolve disputes cooperatively. If that does not work, I am willing and able to take cases as far as needed for my clients get the outcomes they deserve.

“One will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” -Sun Tzu

I Speak From Experience In Both The Business World And The Law

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Representing Bay Area Employees When Workplace Issues Arise

Experienced lawyers can tell you: Employees are often in vulnerable positions during employment disputes. Employers have deep pockets and often have attorneys on staff or on call. Before any conflicts or workplace issues arise, your employer is already prepared to deal with employment-based legal issues.

This is why experienced legal representation is so vital for all employees involved in employment law disputes. I use knowledge and insights gained from over 20 years representing both employers and employees to help employees resolve their workplace legal issues.

Helping Employees Resolve A Wide Range Of Matters

I have the experience and in-depth knowledge you need. I can help you resolve a wide variety of employment issues, including:

  • Wrongful termination and discrimination disputes
  • Sexual harassment issues
  • Employer reluctance to make disability accommodations
  • Unpaid wages for overtime and other time worked
  • Contractor and employee disputes

As a hard-working employee, you deserve an attorney who values your contributions and who will fight for your rights. Let me find a solution that works for you.

Effective Services That Meet Your Needs

Rob Nelson had a very practical and realistic approach, and was able to understand my circumstances quickly and propose a strategy which encompassed both my goals and my budget. That he was able to achieve success, exactly as he proposed, on both fronts was doubly impressive.

— Peter Clarkson, Sausalito, Client

Effective Representation To Help You Succeed At Work

Employment law issues can derail your career and throw your life into chaos. Rather than navigating a problem alone, let me help you take a proactive approach to these matters

I help employees across the Bay Area successfully resolve employment law matters. I stand up for employees in the face of unfair treatment, and advocate for them against discrimination, wage violations and more. My services are comprehensive and time-tested.

Protect your interests and your career. Work with me for trusted legal services in employment law.

Handling Employment Law Matters For Bay Area Employers And Employees