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Employment Discrimination Comes In Many Forms

I am employment law attorney Robert Nelson. At the Nelson Law Group in San Francisco, I represent employers and employees facing employment discrimination issues and claims.

For over two decades, I have represented both employers and employees throughout the country in discrimination disputes. I keenly understand discrimination situations, and how to resolve them, because I have seen them from both sides.

What Is Employment Discrimination?

Discrimination law is often misunderstood. California, like most states, presumes that employment relationships are “at will,” which means that employees can be terminated at any time, for any lawful reason. Even with the at-will presumption, however, employers cannot fire employees for unlawful reasons.

It is unlawful to fire or deny benefits to employees because of their age, race, gender, ethnicity or national origin. It is also unlawful to terminate an employee because of his or her religion, sexual orientation, pregnancy or family responsibilities, or other immutable characteristics.

Example: An employee who was required to travel extensively for her job became pregnant. When the employee told her manager about the pregnancy, the manager said that the company “couldn’t have a mom in this job” and then forced the employee to quit. The employee was effectively terminated because of her pregnancy or her perceived family responsibilities; therefore, the employer committed unlawful employment discrimination.

Not all discrimination claims are as clear-cut as the one above. Evidence of discrimination can typically be found in biased remarks by supervisors and co-workers or hiring practices such as when employees of one ethnicity are systematically replaced with people of another ethnicity. Workplace statistics can also be a good indicator of discrimination by showing that certain policies or practices have a disparate impact on particular groups.

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