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When Commission Disputes Arise At Work, My Law Firm Can Help

Commissions are critical to the livelihood of sales representatives and brokers in many industries, including technology, pharmaceutical and medical device. They make the sales and expect the commission as payment for skillful and dedicated work.

However, sometimes, employers may abruptly change the way they deal with commissions or may just intentionally withhold commissions. When commission disputes arise, you need an experienced employment law attorney on your side.

I am attorney Robert Nelson. For over 20 years, I have represented clients in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area dealing with commission disputes at work and other employment law matters.

Helping Secure Your Rightful Sales Commission

After acquiring experience at large law firm, I founded my firm, Nelson Law Group, to help employees. I often represent hardworking and dedicated sales representatives who meet with customers, develop professional relationships and make sales. You deserve those commissions.

Through the years, I have also worked with the clients who:

  • Have had their commissions withheld after they have been fired or resigned.
  • Stand up against a company that abruptly alters its commission policy, reducing the previously negotiated commission amount.
  • Have had their contracts altered, which were in place for several years.
  • Were forced to accept lower payments because the company had a poor financial performance.

Resourceful, knowledgeable and effective, I will fight for you and protect your rights.

Contact My Office Today

Seeing commissions shrink and taper off can be a cause of alarm for any sales representative in any industry. You legally are entitled to those commissions, despite unfounded excuses made by your employer. I have helped hundreds of clients in San Francisco with employment law matters. Let me help you.

For a free case evaluation by telephone, please call my office at 415-689-6590. You also may contact me online.