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San Francisco Employment Contract Attorney

Have you been asked to sign an employment agreement as part of your obligations in being hired for a new job? At Nelson Law Group, I work with employees throughout San Mateo, California, and surrounding areas, reviewing and negotiating sound employment contracts that protect our clients’ rights. I am attorney Robert Nelson and I have the experience you need to secure your employment.

What Are Employment Agreements?

California has “at-will” employment laws, meaning employment can usually be terminated at any time, with the exception of unlawful reasons such as discrimination or retaliation.

Both employers and employees seek to create employment agreements, however, to provide a sense of structure to the arrangement. These agreements can be oral or written, and they cover a wide range of conditions and terms. This includes duties of the job, titles, compensation and benefits. In many cases, the employee gives up rights to taking employment disputes to court by signing the agreement.

Other types of employment agreements include noncompete and nondisclosure agreements. These dictate what an employee can and cannot disclose after leaving the company or business. These agreements can often be disputed and overturned.

Negotiating Employment Agreements

An employee has the right to negotiate the terms of the employment contract before signing it. I am available to review any employment contract you have been asked to sign, helping you understand if your rights are being violated. I will also assist in negotiating the terms of the agreement to be agreeable and advantageous.

Free Consultation With a Bay Area Employment Lawyer

I draft, review and negotiate employment agreements for both employers and employees alike. Call 415-689-6590 (866-290-0424 toll free) or contact me, a San Francisco employment lawyer, online to talk about your case.