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Unfair Business Practices San Francisco Attorney

At the Nelson Law Group, I represent clients in need of employment law counsel and litigation representation. Whether you are an employer or an employee, I can help you understand your rights and responsibilities in relation to wage and hour law as well as unfair business practices. For a free phone consultation, contact me, a San Francisco wage and hour law lawyer. I will help you understand your rights and protect your interests.

What Are Unfair Business Practices?

In California, an employer who is found to have violated wage and hour laws may also be liable for unfair business practices. Unfair business practices are much broader than wage and hour laws and encompass a range of unfair practices that affect consumers and competition between businesses.

Most wage and hour claims and unfair business practices involve unpaid overtime or wages. However, these types of employment law claims can also include:

  • Employee break periods: In California, every employee is entitled to a 30-minute duty-free meal break if he or she has worked for more than five hours straight. Employees are also entitled to 10-minute duty-free rest breaks for every four-hour stretch of time they work (of major portions thereof).
  • Tip pooling: An employer can require employees to pool their tips with co-workers. However, these other employees must also provide services, such as busing or waiting tables in a restaurant. Also, tips cannot be shared with the owner or supervisors.
  • Business expense reimbursement: All employees should be reimbursed for work-related expenses. This can include expenses for cell phone use travel and mileage, training, office supplies and equipment.


A sales employee is required to include his cell phone number on his business card so that clients can reach him 24-hours per day. But the employee is required to pay his cell phone bills entirely by himself, with no reimbursement from his employer. The employee may have a claim for reimbursement of business expenses under California law.

Free Consultation With a Bay Area Unpaid Overtime Lawyer

If you think you are a victim of unfair business practices, I offer a free case evaluation by telephone. Call 415-689-6590 (866-290-0424 toll free) or contact me online to talk to me about your case.