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Tesla sued for racial discrimination

Discrimination of any kind in California workplaces is illegal. In spite of the laws, discrimination still occurs. Recently, Tesla has been sued for racial discrimination.

What does the lawsuit state?

The lawsuit was filed by the state’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing against Tesla for workplace harassment and racial discrimination against Black employees. The complaining employees worked at a specific plant in California and stated that they faced segregation in the workplace. The lawsuit claims that these employees faced segregation at the lowest levels.

Additionally, the lawsuit states that Black employees continuously faced harassment and dealt with racist communications, including drawings. The employees were also held back from receiving promotions and raises. However, they were even paid less than their white coworkers, a clear violation of the law.

According to the lawsuit, the victims faced harassment and racial discrimination at work for more than a decade and Tesla has refused to accept responsibility.

While Black employees were made to clean the floor on hands and knees and were given more demanding work, they had to deal with racial epithets and see Confederate flags. They were taunted with comments referring to the workplace as the “plantation” and other similar phrases. One employee stated that they heard such comments made 50 to 100 times per day.

How does Tesla respond to the lawsuit?

Tesla has strongly disputed the allegations of the lawsuit and called its filing counterproductive. However, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing or DFEH stated that it initially tried to resolve the issue without a lawsuit and offered to perform an internal dispute resolution. Tesla refused, which led to the filing of the lawsuit. The company has called the lawsuit “unfair” and claims that it opposes racial and all types of discrimination and harassment.

Tesla also said that it terminates any employee it learns who violates these laws and that it will ask the court to pause the case against it.

If you have faced racial discrimination at work, you should fight back and file a complaint against your employer.