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Should you accept the settlement in a workplace harassment claim?

If you are a victim of workplace harassment in the form of discrimination, wrongful retaliation or sexual advances, then you likely have the right to pursue compensation through a workplace harassment claim. When your employer approaches you with a settlement offer, though, it might not be clear if you should accept it or not.

Accepting the initial settlement for your workplace harassment claim can ensure that you quickly put the issue to rest, but there is a possibility you might receive less than you deserve. It is important to understand when it is a good idea to take the settlement and when you should pursue further action in court.

When should you accept a settlement?

Your employer may be willing to offer a favorable settlement for your workplace harassment claim, especially if you have a strong case and they wish to avoid a public trial. Even if the settlement offer seems low, the other side may be willing to negotiate or undergo arbitration outside of court. Consider accepting the settlement only if you can reach an amount that provides a sense of justice.

When should you take the matter to court?

Pursuing courtroom litigation may be your only option for receiving suitable compensation if your employer is unwilling to budge on a lowball settlement or if they reject your claim outright. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee of securing a favorable verdict in court and that there are filing fees to consider as well.

Receiving a settlement as a result of your workplace harassment claim may feel like a victory, but you should consider the implications of the monetary amount. If your employer offers a lowball settlement, it may mean that your harasser will walk away without seeing justice.