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Choosing a Bay Area Employment Lawyer

If you believe you need an employment attorney, the following may help you in choosing one to represent you:

What Is “Employment Law?”

Employment law involves issues arising in the workplace, such as wrongful termination, harassment and unpaid overtime (see [LINK] for further explanation of employment law). Since its inception, the Nelson Law Group has specialized primarily in employment law matters.

Are You an Employer or an Employee?

Although most law firms handle only one side or another, the Nelson Law Group represents both employers and employees. This makes us better able to service all our clients, as we know how both sides think.

What Is Your Philosophy?

Whatever your situation, you want an attorney who shares your philosophy about resolving your situation. At the Nelson Law Group, we strive to fix employment law problems as efficiently as possible. We do not court fights, but we also do not shrink from them. We do not bully, but we also do not allow our clients to be taken advantage of.

Where Are You?

You want an attorney who can be available to meet with you, in person. The Nelson Law Group was founded in San Bruno and currently has an office in San Francisco, in the West Portal neighborhood. We have access to conference room facilities throughout the Bay Area and can meet with you wherever is most convenient.

Free Consultation With a Bay Area Employment Lawyer

I offer a free case evaluation by telephone. Call 415-689-6590 866-290-0424 toll free) or contact me, a San Francisco employment lawyer, online to talk about your case.