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5 tips for winning a wrongful termination lawsuit

Being let go from a job is deeply upsetting. The experience can negatively affect your happiness, not to mention hinder your career and financial stability.

If you believe the decision to send you packing remains unreasonable, you can challenge it in court. Whether you triumph depends on how you approach the matter.

Tip 1. Understand the thinking behind the firing

The first step in fighting wrongful termination is to know the mindset leading to your employer’s action. Ask for a letter explaining the discharge. This document can provide valuable insight and help identify whether there are any inconsistencies or illegal motives.

Tip 2. Gather evidence

Having proof is fundamental to a strong case. Save all relevant emails, messages, memos and other forms of communication. If you have a copy of your employment contract or company policies, especially those relating to termination procedures, keep them safe. Additionally, note the names and contact information of coworkers who can support your claims.

Tip 3. Document your job performance

Gather performance reviews, awards or commendations from your time within the organization. Positive feedback can counter any claims by the employer that the loss of your job relates to being a subpar worker.

Tip 4. Learn your rights

Familiarize yourself with employment law. Knowing what constitutes wrongful termination can help determine whether your suit has merit. You may have a good chance of winning if your firing includes discrimination, retaliation, a breach of contract or a violation of public policy.

Tip 5. Stay professional

Maintain civility throughout the legal process. Refrain from engaging in disputes with your former boss or defaming the company on social media. Keeping a level head and focusing on the facts will serve you better in the long run.

Winning a wrongful termination lawsuit requires significant legwork. Although preparing to face a judge may take effort and self-control, the satisfaction of achieving victory will make it all worthwhile.