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Average worker ages in tech industry suggest age discrimination

Technology companies in the San Francisco, California, Bay Area provide rewarding careers, but older workers in this industry may not feel welcome. A report from a people analytics company in 2019 compared average ages for workers in the technology industry to workers in industries outside of that sector. Among technology workers, their average age was 38 whereas the average age of a worker in other industries was 43. The age gap persisted at the managerial level. A look at technology managers revealed an average age of 42 compared to 47 for managers employed at different types of companies.

More promotions for Millennials

The report noted that the perception that the younger generation had greater technical skills was resulting in Millennials receiving more promotions than their older colleagues. Another workplace study discovered that most employers provided no training about age discrimination. Out of a survey of 400 workers, two-thirds reported that their workplaces had offered no such training in the previous year.

Preconceptions driving age discrimination

An assistant teaching professor of business communications recently told a human resources publication that the technology sector has bought into the notion that older workers cannot adapt to advances in technology. Many people within the sector accept the stereotype that older workers cannot contribute effectively because they cannot learn how to use new technology.

Signs of ageism in the workplace

You may have experienced discrimination at work if your age influenced decisions about hiring, pay, termination, promotions or training opportunities. In 2019, the AARP labeled ageism the “last acceptable bias” because it happens so frequently. An environment with little training for managers could foster a lack of sympathy for your complaints about bias. Learning more about your rights under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act could prepare you to file a complaint. Representation from an attorney focused on workplace discrimination and litigation may increase your ability to identify evidence potentially important to settling your case.