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Pinterest accused of workplace discrimination

Every day, millions of people all around the world log onto Pinterest to look at a wide variety of pictures and articles that interest them. It’s easy to forget that there is a team of professionals working behind the scenes of their favorite app. However, a recent wave of workplace discrimination complaints against Pinterest indicates that things inside the social media platform may be less than ideal.

A dream or a nightmare?

One woman landed a job at Pinterest and believed that her dreams had come true. She was such a dedicated user of the social media platform that she used it to help plan her wedding. However, within a couple years of working for the company she once loved, she realized that her dream may have been more of a nightmare.

Types of discrimination at Pinterest

In June of 2020, two women came together to file a claim against Pinterest where they alleged that they had been victims of racial discrimination during their time with the company. Soon after, Pinterest’s former COO sued Pinterest for both gender discrimination and retaliation. While the cases are still in the process of being heard, it paints a potentially disastrous picture for the company.

Collaboration of claims

Not every employee who has acknowledged that there are problems within Pinterest has filed a lawsuit. Four employees, who choose to remain anonymous, say that there is a pattern within the company of racial biases and women being discriminated against or sexually harassed by those in positions of power.

Anyone who believes they have been the victim of workplace discrimination may want to contact an employment law attorney. This attorney may gather facts from their client and even speak to others within the company to help their client better proceed with a discrimination claim.