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Do I have rights as a part-time employee?

If you work a job in the San Franciso Bay Area, you may be wondering if you fall under the part-time employee category and, if so, what your rights are.

Knowing your rights can help you safeguard yourself from unfair employment practices.

Am I considered a part-time employee?

California law considers you a part-time employee if you work less than 40 hours per week. You should always pay attention to how your employer classifies your employment status and how many hours you work per week. For example, if your employer considers you a part-time employee, but you regularly work 40 hours or more per week, the employer may have misclassified you to avoid providing you with full-time employee benefits.

What are my rights as a part-time employee?

California labor laws protect you as a part-time worker. Your employer cannot pay you a cent less than minimum wage and must provide you with a safe work environment. For every four hours of work, your employer must allow you to take a paid 10-minute break and, after five hours of work, must provide a 30-minute meal break. Additionally, if you work 30 or more hours a week and have accrued sick pay, your employer must grant you paid leave when you are under the weather. If your employer does not pay you for rest breaks and accrued sick leave, this is wage theft.

If you are a part-time employee in California, you should know your rights and how state labor laws protect you from unfair treatment by your employer.